Business Coaching

One of the most challenging part of mid level management Business Coaching initiated by the top management is HOW to raise the Awareness of Coachees, before able to coach them taking up Responsibility, and eventually going through Transformation (the ART model).

Experience told me many business coachees who are FORCED to attend coaching sessions are very much like snails. They do take up their burdens (propelled by the inlfux of URGENT & IMPORTANT), moving forward exhaustively with tracks cannot project destinations, very sensitive to feedbacks from around, easily withdrawn into their shells and wait.

A useful tip is no matter they think they can, or thick they can't, take it they're right. Accept their decision with respect, while in pace, offer them choices with a "what else" attitude.

Another challenging part of business coaching is you seldom have enought time from the top management to allow you to be in pace with the snails in the lower management.

The work place very often is exhausted with URGENT & IMPORTANT matters, not too many resources left to consider doing more IMPORTANT but NOT URGENT matters.

And a Coaching session is one of the IMPORTANT but NOT URGENT matters.