Somatic Experiencing® Client's Feedback (10)

This European young man located me from the SETI website
and below is his feedback after 10 SE sessions.
I started seeing Paul about 3 months ago. By that time I already suffered 9 months from symptoms of continuous anxiety and a feeling of general insecurity. On a more or less regular basis I also experienced depressive phases. The starting point of my symptoms can be tracked back to a panic attack that I had after waking up very early in the morning for no obvious reason. I tried a lot of different alternative therapies, went to the University psychological assistance as well as going to a GP, which could not really help me but recommended me to go to a psychotherapist. Nothing really helped me.

When I started with SE I soon felt like this is the right approach as SE does not work controlling my body with my mind, but starts with the body itself. After building trust and confidence in my body through experiencing changes within the body as bare sensations without cognitive interpretation (e.g. fast heart beat with fear), I was soon able to release stuck energy, which helped me returning into a state of physiological equilibrium, meaning out of the constant anxiety and fast heart beating I was experiencing. This and other aspects of SE, like completing unfinished movements while being fully aware of the movements, proved to be effective in different situations and by finding out what is appropriate in which situations I slowly got confidence in my body again. During that process my symptoms decreased further and further (with relapses in between). At some point, I was also able to move out of the disconnectedness from the world, which kept me from fully engaging in life. My depressive phases as well as the general anxiety got way better and I feel like I am very close to a complete healing. But already now, my status changed dramatically compared to the one three months ago.